Pin Caddy! Helping Golfers During COVID

May 25 , 2020

Pin Caddy! Helping Golfers During COVID

The Pin Caddy, Helping Golfer Stay Safe During COVID!


The warm weather is back and along with that comes the start of the golf season, and The Pin Caddy is going to keep all those enthusiastic golfers safe during COVID-19. James Skrypec has created an amazing tool to help golfers stay safe while playing a round. The Pin Caddy is a small unit that attaches to the flag pole and helps golfers lift their ball out of the hole after they have sunk a put. All the golfer needs to do is take his/her putter and lift the top handle to retrieve their golf ball from the hole. James and his team have made a second version and in less than 24 hours they sold over 380 units. I have already played a couple of rounds of golf this spring and haven’t seen the Pin Caddy yet, however this invention seems way easier and safer than putting a pool noodle or plastic PVC in the golf hole. I can’t wait to play a golf course that is using the Pin Caddy so I can PULL THE LEVER GRONK!!! Congratulations to James and his team and all of their success, this is helping golfers stay safe and get back to the sport they love!!!



Below Is a Video and a Link to check out more!

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