About us

Breaking Even Golf was created in April of 2020 by an avid golfer and teaching professional Jacob French.

Jacob's goal of Breaking Even Golf was to create a space online where golfers could purchase golf equipment but also help them improve their game to help them beat their personal best score!!! Breaking Even Golf works hard to help golfers save time when purchasing their golf equipment but also help them select the correct golf equipment that suits their style of game. Everything we do at Breaking Even Golf is driven by the passion we have for the game. Additionally we want to make sure that every golfer buys the correct equipment for their skill level and that is why we have created an online fitting calculator that will give you recommendations on what equipment will fit your golf game. Furthermore Breaking Even Golf wants everyone to look stylish while there out on the golf course and that's why we have created a custom sunglasses fitter in order to get you the correct sunglasses for the sport or activity you are passion about.  We would love to here from you to see what golf equipment you want to see on our website. Send a direct message to our Instagram
page @breakingevengolf or send
us a message below!!!!